Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hot Tubs And Prayers

When we arrived at Center Parc on Monday, the weather was appalling. It was cold, wet and windy.
So what did we do ?
Check in, then haul the rucksack with the swimming gear in out of the car, and head for the tropical pool. Not to swim - at least not initially, but to go in the outdoor hot tub.

Surprisingly, there were very few there and we had the tub to ourselves. Possibly the rain put them off, but it was absolutely brilliant fun !
Sitting immersed in hot bubbles, with the rain lashing down and clouds of steam rising from the tub into the air around us. The clouds were low over the trees, and it was magical.
It was a wonderful start to our holiday and a great way to leave the stress of everyday life behind.

On subsequent sunny days, it was amazing to sit there and see an open vista of soaring trees, blue sky and fluffy white clouds occasionally masking the sun whilst mentally saying the morning Trisagion prayers :-)
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1 comment:

Ian said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. What a start to the day. [And even in the rain it sounds superb.]