Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday !

... to my precious last-born, the now seven year old DD4.

We had a swimming party at the local leisure centre after school yesterday, for a small number of her classmates and friends, and a family party today at home after school, though DD2 was not able to be with us due to being in Bristol :-(
This will be the first time I have not had all my girls home together for little ones's birthday.

DD1 is travelling over from The Big City as I type, and will be here shortly :-)

Many years to the handmaiden of God Abigail !
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Laura said...

Many Years to Abigail!

Solomon said...

Many years!

Ian said...

Many, many years to dear DD4!

Meg said...

Good heavens, it seems like just yesterday that she was four! Many years to Abigail (and to her mum)!

Mimi said...

7???? No way! Happy, Happy Birthday DD4 and Many Years!