Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sun ! The Sun !

There is a strange object in the sky.
Very bright and warm.
Has not been seen here for several weeks.

THe Sun is shining :-)

I have already done two loads of washing which are hanging on the line, and a third load will be starting shortly !
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DebD said...

now don't go and get a sunburn in all this excitement ;)

Enjoy the warm and sunny days.

Solomon said...

We all wandered outside the school building to observe that strange bright object in the sky. We had to explain it to some of the younger children who had never seen it before.

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate slightly. But only slightly.

Meg said...

lolol, we had one of those "What *is* that bright light in the sky?!" days around mid-August, after a month of rain. And my reaction was exactly the same: GET OUT THE LAUNDRY!! We clothes-liners are indeed a strange lot.