Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Weekend......

We have been running round like mad things buying new uniform, shoes etc for the young ones, who go back to school next Thursday.

They have both grown like weeds over the holidays, so I shall blame it fairly and squarely on the inclement weather !!

DD3 has wide feet and is in between a 4 1/2 and size 5 adult shoe, so it is really hard to get anything that fits. Her new school shoes set me back £32. Gulp.
DD4's feet have grown, so she needed new shoes and new trainers for PE, so that set me back another £64.
Ironically, the cost of their new uniform was only £37 in total - but they have expensive feet :-)

Stationery etc has been purchased, and DH is picking up DD3's new lunchbox on his way home on Weds, so I believe we are pretty sorted now. Only their hair to be cut, and our hairdresser is visiting us on Tuesday to sort that out.

I shall really miss them; I have so enjoyed having them home for the summer.

Yesterday in particular was bedlam.
We have quite poor TV aerial reception here, and our Freeview box was not giving us many channels or consistent picture quality, so when DH saw that Argos were doing a special package, he jumped at it. We have got a brand new Sky viewing box, new satellite dish, free installation for a one-off payment of £60, plus a four month free trial of various Sky packages. Just a simple Freeview box is £40 in Asda, so it was a good deal and we can now watch programmes, so he is very happy.

I am not a big TV watcher, as I much prefer to read, though I will watch documentaries, so I am happy we have got several History channels to choose from :-)

Anyway, I digress ! ..... we didn't know what time the engineer was arriving, only that it would be sometime in the morning on Saturday. So I indulged in a spot of overdue house cleaning, completed my ironing and was generally feeling virtuous.Then the engineer phoned to say he would not arrive till after 1pm.

In order to fill in the time productively, we decided to transfer the contents of my bedroom bookcase - all my religious books- to the dining room and DH has put up three shelves. Of course, I needed to overspill books on to the sideboard too, as three shelves wasn't quite enough and there wasn't room for a fourth shelf. ......

Then we decided to empty out some cupboards in the dining room so I could transfer my cookery books there, so the kitchen bookcase could go into DD4's room, as she has run out of space for her books !

And then I needed to find room for my saucepans, in the kitchen, so we needed to transfer a storage unit from the garage into the kitchen.
Nine hours later - I kid you not ! - we had finished, exhausted. The Sky box is working well, to everybody's delight.

I slept very well last night :-)
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Meadowlark Days said...

Oh, my. Please send some of your energy my way and help me organize my house!

I can sympathise with your daughters and their shoes...I mostly wear Crocs and Birkenstocks because I know they'll be wide enough...