Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weather Woes

We had the dickens of a storm on Monday night, knocking some of my pitifully few remaining apples off the tree.

As for my precious plums, I could weep.
Although this year we had no storms at the time the plum blossom was setting, it was **soooo** cold we had no bees, either ! So no way for the blossom to get pollinated. I was out, shivering, with paintbrushes, manually pollinating the flowers that day in spring !

We have had a lavish crop of plums on the tree, and I was so complacent, thinking of the jam I will make....

But on Tuesday, I went out and at least 30 of my ripening plums had been ripped off the tree, and were split on the ground. I salvaged a few, and carefully picked anything approaching ripeness off the tree, and will do the same today. But my crop has been cut by half, to my sadness.

This is appalling weather for August. it is not a word of a lie to say that the girls have only been able to play in the garden on three days this month, as it has rained so much.

And imagine if I was a farmer, with my crops and vegetable garden/fruit trees decimated by the weather - how would I manage? I would have less food to eat or sell or trade.

Sometimes we forget how dependant we are on the vagaries of the weather.
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Mimi said...

Ooooh, how sad.

I love plums (but dislike prunes, go figure)

Anonymous said...

I echo Mimi....and with the plums/prunes as well [it is odd] as the sadness of the loss of your fruit.