Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playing Chess

I am teaching DD3 how to play chess.

We played a gentle game yesterday, just to show her how to set up the board and how the pieces move.
We played a lengthy game this morning, with lots of explanation about what I was doing and why I was doing it, along with outlining the consequences of what would happen if she moved her pieces in various positions.

We have just finished a third game, and I was so busy telling her about how I kept putting her in check, that I completely failed to realise that I was in a vulnerable position and she whupped me !! She captured my king in one board-long move that I didn't think she would work out how to do !

I am so proud of her :-)
And laughing at my own pride, which blinded me ........

Moral : never under-estimate a ten year old !
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1 comment:

Ian said...

Not sure if I should lower the tone of your classy blog...but here it goes.

When my niece saw a set my parents have, she wanted to play with them as toys. I was telling her what they were. After a while she said, "I tell mummy." She then grabbed a pawn, and ran to mum in another room yelling "Pawn! Pawn! Pawn!"

My sister's first thought was for pawn's homophone, which means something rather different. And she yelled at me, having no idea we were looking at, wanting to know what I had taught my darling 3 y.o. niece.