Friday, August 08, 2008

One Of Those Days......

Yesterday was one of those days when, no matter how hard we all tried, just about everything went wrong.

As DH is going back to work next week, and as it has finally stopped raining, we decided yesterday to take the girls up to town for a treat.DH is not supposed to drive till Monday, so we walked.

Once the rain had stopped, it soon became very hot indeed, and there were frequent complaints from the youngest child on the 45 minute walk to town.
Various boring grown-up errands (such as paying bills) had to be transacted before we could go to the coffee shop, which elicited more low-level grumbling.

We found a nice table at the coffee shop, and refreshments of various kinds were ordered. Part-way through eating, the small fry decided it was cold (the coffee shop has A/C and is one of the few places in Blogsville that does!). That conversation (AKA whining) went on for a short while and severely taxed my patience. Sigh.

Once they had finished, they were offered ice-cream. I took them to the counter to choose and order, then DD4 went back to the table to sit with Dad. I suddenly heard the most almighty crash and knew, with absolute certainty, that it had come from our table. And it had.

DD4 had slipped when getting on her seat, hit the table, sending a cascade of the shop's nice expensive china onto the floor. Including my coffee, of which I had literally taken two sips. You can imagine her distress at causing such mayhem.

The staff were lovely, and cleared it all up in short order, but DD4 was afraid she would be in trouble with them, which of course she wasn't, as it was an honest accident. She had to be coaxed out of her tears to eat her ice-cream, and she steadfastly avowed that it was the worst day of her life and she never ever wanted to go there again.

So the treat we had envisaged turned out to be an expensive fiasco. And we still had to walk the 45 minutes home in the heat.

I was glad to draw a veil over yesterday and see my little ones safely tucked up in their beds, prayers said, all kissed and blessed.

We all woke up bright and cheerful this morning, determined to stay at home :-)
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Philippa said...

"We all woke up bright and cheerful this morning, determined to stay at home"

LOL! :o)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I had a typo in the previous comment and could not allow that hehe

But that's the good thing about bad days - they do end. Sorry you had one, though :(

JTKlopcic said...

I recall a similar evening, when after a weeked away from the family, we decided to spend the remaining evening to walk around the harbor. But, it was rainy and dreary, so we stopped at a retro burger joint. All was well, until one of the boys' antics caused a retro (and expensive) glass straw holder to shatter all over the floor. This was back when we were young and broke, so it was a big deal.

On the way back, a young woman pushing a stroller tried to panhandle from us, but she took one look at our faces and the babes in arms and muttered, "Never mind..."

It's a bit funny now, in retrospect....

Mimi said...

Oh the poor thing, hugs and love. May today be much smoother.

Matt said...

Well, if it wasn't for days like that we might not yearn so keenly for Heaven.