Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Man of Courage

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's body is lying in state in Moscow prior to his interrment at the Donskoi Monastery. BBC Coverage is here and video coverage here.

I was so grieved to learn of his passing, but in the ever-interesting manner of synchronicity, a random trip to the local thrift shop yesterday enabled me to buy a copy of his book "August 1914", for the princely sum of 80p. Whilst dealing with the horrors of war, it also has many passages depicting Orthodox faith and practice. It will definitely be a keeper.

My prayers for his wife and family, and all those who knew him, even if only through his books and his courage .

Memory Eternal !
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Mimi said...

While I was saddened to read of his passing, I am pleased that he lived such a long life, and that he was able to see the end of the USSR.

May his Memory be Eternal.

And, whohooooo on the find! Good job.

Ian said...

May his memory be eternal!

I feel rather ignorant in never hearing of his; however, I feel greatly blessed to have got to know him and his works over the last few days.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

He was a hero to many. And to see where the font of his conviction came from, beautiful.

May his memory be eternal!