Monday, August 04, 2008

Fencing Spiritually

Fencing is great.

Scary, but great :-)

I am now communal kit washer for the club - I was concerned with the kit DD3 and I are using from the club stock being very - um- "pungent", not to mention slightly grubby.
Most of the problem is that the kit is worn for two hours of very strenuous exercise, then taken off and put straight in an unventilated, locked metal cabinet at the Leisure Centre until the next week's session. It doesn't get chance to air before it gets put away, so it does get rather bleuch !

I offered to take some of it home to wash and return for the next session, and took mine and DD3's ones last week. They washed really well, and looked brand new. Coach was delighted, and I have been asked by some of the younger kids if the stuff they borrow can be washed next, so I did that yesterday afternoon. I don't mind in the slightest, and it is so much more hygienic for them to washed regularly, particularly as a nasty, sometimes lethal strain of Staph aureus is emerging in gyms across Britain. I prefer to take no chances !

The more experienced kids who fence in competitions have bought their own kit, so that gets washed regularly by their parents, but those of us who are new and/or broke have to borrow the club's, as it is really very expensive.
Yesterday I had £450 worth of kit hanging on my washing line !

It is worth washing regularly for the simple reason that sweat can rot cotton fibres over a length of time, so if the kit is left dirty for a long period, it will end up being ruined eventually, let alone the gross factor of smelly stuff !

It is nice to be able to do something for the Coach and the kids at the club, who have made DD and I so very welcome, and who are so very patient and kind to us both.

Like our fencing kit, Sin, if left unchecked and unconfessed can utterly destroy one's life. It weakens the heart and the soul, and both benefit greatly from a good cleaning every now and then via Confession.

I am way overdue for a good spiritual deep-clean myself, so I can be prepared to fence the snares that contend against me..... :-)
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