Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Waiting Continues

The Consultant wants to do an arthroscopy under general anaesthetic on DH as soon as practicable. Provisionally, he has been booked in for surgery on Monday evening.
All we needed to do was confirm it with our private medical cover provider when we got home.

DH phoned the company up, and they are now insisting that the operation be done at a different hospital in The Big City.

This poses more than a few problems, as our consultant cannot do it there. He is based at BlogTown.
As DH is the only driver in the immediate family, we cannot get him home from the other hospital after the operation because he won't be able to drive a/ from the pain and b/the anaesthetic and c/ the public transport is diabolical.

The local hospital is negotiating with the health insurance company to see if they can reach some sort of settlement.

Why does everything have to be so complicated ? If the health insurance people were't happy to let DH have the operation at the local hospital, then why even authorise him seeing the consultant there ?
Why not make it plain at the outset that the initial consultation would have to be at The Big City hospital instead of at BlogTown ?

So we continue to wait, this time for a phone call to say Yea or Nay to the operation at BlogTown hospital. Prayers coveted.
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Anonymous said...

I pray that everything works out with the location. And prayers for a safe surgery.

Philippa said...

Insurance companies drive me nuts! Perhaps they would pay for a private driver?! I mean gee whiz!

Prayers for the surgery.

Jackie Parkes said...

Hope all goes well..