Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Strange Things

I am slightly weirded out at present.
Let me explain..........

Last night, DH was working away. I had locked up the house, double-checked everything, made the Sign of the Cross over the back and front doors like I always do, and went up to bed about 10pm. I was reading, when I heard a thud/click of a door.
I got up, padded to the top of the stairs to check that the front door was shut.
It was, so I just shrugged, checked on the kids, who were sleeping safe and sound, and dismissed the noise as most likely the neighbours in the next door house (we have one of a pair of semi-detached houses)said my prayers and went to sleep. I slept soundly.

This morning, the door was knocked by a police officer. I opened and was asked if I had heard anything out the front street, as our next-door neighbours on the other side had had their car stolen in the early hours of the morning. Neither I nor the children had heard anything in the middle of the night. Our car was still in the drive.

In a fit of housewifely enthusiasm, I decided to wash one of the throws from the sofa, as it was a nice windy day. Just before I put the throw in the machine, I wondered if I should clean out the washing machine filter before I did so. Nah, I thought to myself, it has only been about three months since I last did it, it should be fine.......

Ha ha.
It wasn't.
The machine stopped, with the drum full of water and would not spin. I moved the freezer out of the way, laid down newspaper, and had lots of containers to catch the inevitable deluge when I unscrewed the filter. Said deluge happened, the kitchen was pretty soaked, and the filter was well and truly blocked. Several rude words and half an hour later, the washing machine was tootling along happily again and the worst of the chaos in the kitchen was sorted. And I have a nice clean floor too :-)

But I am still a bit weirded out about our poor neighbours. I am glad DH is home tonight........
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Mimi said...

Yikes, what a scare! Lord have Mercy.

Ian said...

Lord, have mercy indeed.

Prayers for a safe and secure night tonight.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

So glad you are safe!

But that click, that sound of the door opening, that's scary!

Maybe getting dog would be a good idea.

Or else an alarm that barks when the door is opened!

Elevation Perception said...

Thank God you all are safe and sound.

s-p said...

We have dogs and NOTHING happens near our house without us knowing it. Dogs are definitely a deterrent to intruders according to police. Glad you were safe. I hate leaving my wife home alone for just such reasons.