Monday, July 28, 2008

Safely Home

DH is now safely home after his surgery :-)

He had some damage to the medial meniscal cartilage and also some osteo-arthritis, all of which has been addressed by the surgery. He cannot drive for two weeks, and will be seeing the consultant two weeks tomorrow.
Many thanks for the prayers !
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JTKlopcic said...

So glad to hear it! Enjoy keeping DH off his feet....

Philippa said...

Excellent news! Easy repairs for the most part.

Speaking as one who had the same surgery, make sure he keeps his knee elevated above his heart. Keep ice on it for the first 48 hours (put ice on for 20 minutes in every hour). Then keep putting ice on it as often as possible keeping it elevated for the majority of the day. He won't be sorry he did that.

I did that and my doctor was astonished at how little swelling I had post-operatively.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Rejoicing to hear the good news --and do follow Philippa's sound advice!

Michelle Melania said...

Good News! I will pray that he heals quickly.