Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Other Garden Window

Our old computer is making ominous "I am likely to expire soon" type noises, so we have bought another Desktop PC in readiness for the old one giving up its ghost. The children have got the run of the old one downstairs till its demise, and this one is for DH and I to use. We have a four year on-site warranty, which cost an arm and leg, but beats having to pay a small fortune to return a faulty/broken computer and then having to be without it for several weeks whilst it is being mended.

The new one now lives on a neat new desk looking through the other garden window, that of our bedroom. The higher persepective is amazing; I am looking down on the birds at the feeder and in the trees, and can see across houses to the near range of small hills.
It is a lovely view

At the moment, there are two house sparrows, one male and one female on one of the trees. Earlier on, there was a pair of collared doves and a pair of wood pigeons in the courtyard.

The clouds have parted and the sky is a brilliant cerulean blue, with only a few cottonwool puff clouds and high-flying seagulls interspersed.For a change, there is not a single plane vapour trail visible in the sky.

I have The Ark radio station playing.

Positively idyllic.........
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