Saturday, July 05, 2008


Independence Day won out on the film stakes ! We only had an elderly copy on video, but DH saw it on DVD on offer for £2, and bought it immediately for me :-)

After last week's hiatus from fencing class due to our school Summer Fete, it was great to get back in the groove. I hadn't actually forgotten much, and we learnt several nifty new techniques, including how to "beat" your opponent's blade out of the way and go straight in for the kill, so to speak. There is something really invigorating about having 35 inches of cold steel as a sporting accessory.......
DD3 is making very good progress indeed, and I foresee we may well be buying her her own kit in due course, so she can start taking part in junior comeptitions, rather than just using the club kit.
The Olympics are looming, which fills me with glee as I can watch lots and lots of fencing :-))))))))))))

The weather continues wet and gloomy, so the poor tortoise is sulking at the bottom of the garden. My pile of laundry is growing - as we don't have a tumble drier, I can only wash on a reasonably dry day and then hang the clothes out on the washing line.

We have a delightful resident family of Mistle thrushes in the back garden, and each day I get to see them finding snails, and smashing the shells open on the courtyard patio in order to extract the snail. The thrush is a very fastidious eater, and regularly stops to wipe his beak clean of snail slime before continuing to peck at his meal. Unfortunately, the thrushes are getting at the raspberries as soon as they ripen, so I must get some netting for the canes.

There have been very few butterflies so far this year, which is very disappointing. Last year we saw loads.
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Mary Poppins NOT said...

Even wayyyy over here in the states, in the midwest, there have been very few butterflies. Lots of hummingbirds, though, but I like butterflies better (they seem a little calmer).