Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Hairy-Legged Hero

This afternoon saw the removal of the bandages on DH's afflicted leg.
Underneath were two large adhesive dressings, each covering the wound closures secured with steri-strips.

I was appalled and somewhat dismayed to see that they had not shaved the appropriate area of DH's knee before the operation, as I had expected them to, in order to apply adhesive dressings to bare skin.

I was not relishing the prospect of removing them from very manly hairy legs. He was very brave and I was very careful, making good use of my very tiny and incredibly sharp embroidery scissors to cut all the entrapped hairs free prior to lifting the dressings.

We managed, he survived, and the leg is surprisingly unswollen and unbruised !
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Mimi said...

Yeoch! Poor guy.

Prayers continue

Philippa said...

Good to hear that there is little swelling and bruising. bravo!