Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pottering Along

We are moving slowly but inexorably towards the end of the academic year, and things are pretty busy. I have completed my Family Learning project with DD4, and we had our awards last Thursday.

Saturday was fencing class, and this time we got to FIGHT ! It was exhilarating, scary, but unbelievable fun !
Out of six bouts, I lost four, drew one and won one , and it was against someone whose fencing experience was considerably greater than my own, so that must have been sheer luck, LOL :-) DD3 is also doing very well, which does not surprise me.

DD3 & 4 went to a birthday party in the afternoon, and we went swimming on Sunday, so I am definitely getting fitter........

Monday saw my last Welsh class of the term and the dreaded formal assessment, which I managed to pass. This weekend sees our school Summer Fete, so the handful of us on the PTA will be running ragged till that is all safely over.

DH has been in increasing pain with his knee, and went back to the doctor last week. He has agreed that there is definitely something wrong, and referred him to an Orthopaedic Consultant, whom we saw this morning. It transpires that DH has ripped a cartilage and needs an MRI scan and arthrosopy, so we are waiting for them to contact us with a date for the scan.

So life continues.
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Solomon said...

Congrats on passing your Welsh exam!

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