Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

DD3 and I went for our fencing lesson again today.
The youngsters at the club really are a delightful bunch, and so helpful to an aging newbie like me !
DD3 is doing pretty well,as her coach reported back to the chief coach.

I can do some bits okay - I was told that my Parry 5 was very good indeed for a beginner, but some of the easier stuff I flubbed over.

Then we had footwork exercises. Over and over again, and a necessary thing too. Even taking steps forward in fencing has to be done in a specific way in order for you to keep your centre of gravity and not fall over as you stretch and fight.

It was the races back and forth the whole length of the full size gym hall that finished me. I am 44; the next oldest person there was about 19. Most of them were 12 - 15 years old.
Although I was last finishing the first three laps, I wasn't last on the final lap, which did make me feel a little better :-)

I now ache **everywhere**.

Still going back next week, though.......LOL.
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Solomon said...

I tried fencing when I was in grad school. Took it as a audit course, since it wasn't going to cost anything, as I was paying a single full-time student tuition fee. I can't remember if I lasted one lesson or two.

Took ballroom dancing as well, and stuck with it for the whole semester. I think I was mostly motivated because one of the rules of the class was that the gentlemen had to ask the ladies to dance and the ladies were not allowed to refuse. I still remember dancing with a few of the beautiful girls on the pep squad. Somehow, I doubt they remember dancing with me.

Matt said...