Saturday, June 14, 2008

Easier Said Than Done

Actually obtaining the train tickets was easier said than done.
The clerk was less than stellarly helpful and wasn't particularly customer-orientated, despite what she said......

I asked for the £4 ticket between Blogtown and Bristol.
"There aren't any" she said brusquely. Mutely, I held up the printout from the National Rail website done less than an hour before, which showed there was a ticket at that price. "Just because they are on the website doesn't mean they are available. They have all beeen sold. The next cheapest ticket is £10"

"Okay, can you tell me how much a first class single on that train would be? According to this printout, a first class will only be £7".
This was a cue for the theatrical sigh and her barbed comment that "If there was a cheaper ticket, I would have **told** you so!"

She did eventually check, and there were 2 first class seats available at the £7 price; considerably cheaper than the second class single ticket she originally quoted me.

Luckily the tickets for the next leg of the journey was purchased without incident.

DH and I exited the station and bust out laughing.

DH's comment was that if that was customer service, he would hate to see them being unhelpful.........
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