Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At A Local Supermarket

was a display of lovely bananas, surmounted by a sign proudly proclaiming

Banana's only 90p.

There were also "Tomato's" and "Potato's".

Do any schools - apart from mine - still teach children how to use an apostrophe correctly ? Or even what a plural noun IS ?

I despair. We are a nation of darn-nearly illiterates.
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Meg said...

*That's* sad, considering that it's your nation that is the source of our common tongue. I thought only the States had it that bad.

OTOH -- I bet you didn't know that "whom" is the plural of "who." Yep, some kid in my daughter's high-school English class came up with that one, and that was fifteen years ago.


Unknown said...

You have never heard the English language destroyed like it is by the English (or the Welsh).

The litracy skilfs off the childrens is well bad, innit.

Anonymous said...

I love it when it's random. My local sandwich shop sells coffee's and teas. Panini's and filled rolls. Baked potatoes and smoothie's.

And the dentist I pass en route to work has a banner asking, "Fed up of your smile?"

::Sylvia:: said...

Oh don't get me started! I gave a clerk $6.03 for a bill that was $5.53 and she looked at me like I was nuts before dragging out the words FIIIFFTTYYY THHREEE cents. I said yes and you'll be giving me fifty cents change. :P Lord help us! :)