Monday, May 12, 2008

Mum's Computer Time

I am alive, honest.
Just haven't been able to get near the computer :-)

I have a course Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and all day Thursday.

Wednesday I do a mad blitz on the housework so it looks okay for when DH gets home.

Friday DH and I try to spend some time together; last week we went shopping to Tesco and Asda. Asda's Lamb Kebabs are PD Good !

Weekends are generally just mayhem. Nuff said.

DH is delighted with recent purchases from EBay - his favourite incarnation of Dr Who is Tom Baker, and DH was able to buy a pile of Dr Who videos rather cheaply. He has spent most of his waking time since returning home on Weds night transferring the videos to the computer so he can convert then to AMV files so he can put them on his MP4 player and watch them anywhere, as we don't have a video player in the living room anymore......

I'm going to put Ostrov and Ushpizin on mine, I think :-)

DH is back at work so I get the computer back .........well, partly, as the young ones have an Inset day from school today as the staff are on some fancy-pants training insisted on by the Welsh Assembly government.

Tomorrow afternoon will be offcially Mum's Computer Time !
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bradman said...

Hi there. Nice to read your blog.Writing will keep you sane while the world goes mad around you..

DH may enjoy my writing...

DebD said...

I loved Ostrov and Ushpizin. I hope you will too. Enjoy your computer time.