Saturday, May 17, 2008


This conversation took place in our house today:-

Screams from both children upstairs.
I shoot up the stairs to be greeted by DD3 sobbing quietly and DD4 howling loudly.

DD4 demanded instant sympathy and uttered the immortal line "I hurt my finger so much when I punched my sister!"
Needless to say, she was told that it jolly well served her right and she should not have punched her sister, full stop.
DD3 then got sympathy.

Neither of them sustained any visible imjury and both were utterly painfree after about a minute....

Needless to say, after being separated and put in their respective bedrooms, five minutes later they inform me that they are best friends again now, so please can they play together in one of their rooms :-)

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Meg said...

Sounds soooo familiar, and I applaud you for sitting on DD #4, even though she looks so cherubic and angelic that it's hard for me to believe she could punch her sister....


Elizabeth said...

Makes me laugh! I remember the boys "getting into it" when they were about 11 and 7. They were swinging at each other and I "Had Had It Up To Here" thankyouverymuch so I sent them out into the large, flat front yard to beat each other up - whoever is standing wins. About 5 minutes later, they were out there - standing 8 or 10 feet apart swinging at each other! LOLOL!! "But Mom! we might hurt each other!!"