Friday, May 16, 2008

Coffee !!!!!!

Today just seemed to whizz by in a rush.
Nothing seemed to go right, either, at first glance !

The album that DD1 wanted for her birthday next week was rather more expensive here in Blogsville than she had told us was available in nearby BlogTown. So we bought our birthday cards in Blogsville, then decided to make our way to BlogTown, especially as my mother needed a new iron and rather liked the one we bought at Asda's (Walmart) in BlogTown.

We parked up and decided to treat ourselves to the nice breakfasts available at Asda. DH had a full cooked breakfast, plus toast, plus a refillable capuccino. I opted for scrambled egg on toast and a refillable capuccino.

We enjoyed our breakfasts then decided that we would make use of our free refill after all. I trooped back to the machine to get mine and DH, only to find an irate gentleman in front of me, waiting for the staff to change the milk container to a full one. They did so in due course.

In the meantime I was shanghaied by a lovley older lady, who was on her first visit to the cafe and didn't know how to work the machines or where the teabags, milk, sugar etc were to be found. I showed her where everything was and how to operate the machines, and saw her safely on her way, laden with goodies.

By now, the cappuccino machine was back working, and the queue had gone.


The machine was now deciding to heat up the new milk that had been poured in. It takes quite some time to heat up 8 pints of milk to frothing, steaming, capuccino temperature. I know, because I stood there, about to get cross, when it suddenly dawned on me that I had been able to help not just one old lady navigate the system, but also another new lady who asked me to help her whilst I was waiting for the milk to heat up.

Had I really wasted my time waiting for the machine ?
No, I hadn't.

I had talked to two lovely ladies, whom I would have not met if the machine had been functioning. We laughed, swapped horror stories about complex appliances in public places, and they certainly brightened my day :-)

The coffee tasted all the sweeter once I took it back to our table.......

When we got home, the man from the electricity board , who was supposed to change our domestic electric meter, had arrived early and was waiting outside our house. I ran in to take the dog to the garden to do his business whilst DH was showing the man where the meter was.
Then we got side-tracked at home, with various tasks.

Too late did we remember that we had not taken the frozen foods out of the boot of the car !!!! Luckily they were just salvageable.
And we did manage to get DD1's birthday album over a pound cheaper than here in Blogsville, even if Asda had sold out of the iron my mother wanted :-)
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