Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Flies.....

Well, it certainly does at our house !

We were invited to a top-secret surprise 70th birthday party for a friend on Friday. The recipient - a delightful lady- was completely unsuspecting, duly surprised and a grand time was had by all. The youngest person there was less than one year old, there were lots of children as it was a family party, and a good range of ages.

My girls were thrilled to be able to dance to a live band; up till now, they had never seen live music :-)

DH has assembled the new cycles, but the weather has been awful ever since he finished them, so only he has been brave enough to go for a test ride. It continues to be cold, wet and windy today, much to my disappointment, as I was hoping to cycle to my Welsh class this afternoon. I don't really relish the thought of sitting in wet clothes all afternoon though :-(

I wish you all a blessed Holy Week !
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Mary Poppins NOT said...

A blessed Great and Holy Week to you!