Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Arrivals

Our new bicycles arrived this morning :-)

I haven't had a bicycle for about 15 years, and was not able to ride one for a long period due to hip problems. Things do seem to have settled a lot, and I am hoping to be able to cycle rather than walk everywhere or go by bus, as I do for most of the week whilst DH is working away. It will make it a lot easier and cheaper for me to visit my mother much more often, or go to town , for instance.

DD3 has grown out of her bike and will be hitting double figures on her birthday next month, so she gets one too. DH has an elderly cycle and as the prices were so very reasonable, he has got one too. We had all three cycles for £190. Once DD4 learns to ride her small cycle without the stabilisers, we will get a new one for her too, and have put money aside from our council tax rebate for this purpose.

I will be leaving the reconstruction of said bicycles to DH when he returns home, though !
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1 comment:

Laura said...

How fun...I would love a bicycle. Mine was stolen shortly after we moved into the house...enjoy!!