Monday, April 21, 2008

Der Gestank

When we left to go to school on Weds morning, there was an appalling stench when we opened the front door. It persisted for quite some time, and we just shrugged and blamed a local over-zealous gardener's application of manure to his roses, though the smell was much worse and stronger than I had ever encountered before.

But the smell persisted, and as we walked, we could smell it all the way to school. And it could be smelt all over the town.
And then this hit the headlines of the Daily Telegraph news site !

The stink culprits: manure from millions of pigs

Germany has an estimated 25 million pigs with many farms concentrated in the regions around the port city of Hamburg. The pungent smell - Der Gestank as the Germans call it - from millions of gallons of porcine waste was carried across the North Sea and the Channel to England by unusual easterly winds. The smell spread quickly, causing people from Dover to Devon to hold their noses. The Met Office said the winds would continue to bring the pigs' aroma to England until Tuesday.
Farmers said they had spread the manure from millions of pigs over their fields almost simultaneously after cold weather forced them to delay the start of the muckspreading season.
End Quote.

We are only a few miles away across the sea from Devon, but the smell was definitely present in South Wales as well as England, LOL.
It has now gone, though it was still pretty bad on Saturday evening........
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Elevation Perception said...

ewww... sorry you guys had to endure that; I bet you're glad it's over.
have a blessed Holy Week!

Mimi said...