Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Weekend

Mum has not had such good days over the weekend; she has not been able to walk but has been able to sit out in a chair for a few hours each day.

It really is a case of two steps forward and one step back.

The girls had a ridiculous number of Easter eggs from various non-Orthodox relatives celebrating "Weaster" (as Western Easter is affectionately known in the family) so they were rationed to one each yesterday :-)

The weather has been unreal; a small town near us had snow, as did many parts of the UK, though we escaped with rain and sleet and bitter cold.
It was surreal seeing TV footage of London in the snow, when we were there on Tuesday and it was warm :-)
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Mimi said...

Weaster. Giggle.

Oh hon, I'm so sorry about the steps back for your mother. Sigh. Continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for your mum.