Tuesday, March 18, 2008


When I visited Mum last night, she was **much** brighter in herself, and has been able to eat and drink a little more. She is still completely bedbound.

Her pain is still troublesome, and the inflammation and swelling has affected other joints, so the steroids have not made any difference so far, but it is early days.
She is dependant upon oxygen via facemask to maintain normal blood oxygen saturation levels, which is worrying, as they can't figure out why she is having that particular problem either.
She will most likely be in hospital all this week.

We are still waiting for the Rheumatologist to make an appearance; he was supposed to see her lunchtime Monday, but had not turned up when I left at 8pm last night.
The nursing staff are absolutely wonderful to Mum, and the delightful doctor who admitted her into A&E made a point of coming up to see her on the ward on Monday too, to see how she was :-)

Mum has posed me with a dilemma; several months ago, she booked for herself, myself and DD3 to go to see the Terracotta Army exhibition at the British Museum in London. Because she was feeling under the weather, she decided a few weeks ago that she wouldn't go, but for me to take DD3+4 .
We are supposed to be going Wednesday; last night she was absolutely adamant that I must take them, as they have been really looking forward to it and it is unlikely that the Exhibition will come to Britain again for at least another generation, and we are even more unlikely ever to make it to China to see them "in situ".

I told her I would decide what I was doing when I see how she is when I am visting her on Tuesday afternoon. If Mum is any worse than she was Monday, DH can take the girls instead of me, if needed.

No news about Scott yet; he was going to surgery yesterday afternoon/evening.

DH's relative has been found to have a potentially major health problem, so we are waiting on test results due Thursday.

And I am turning into a rampant insomniac. I was awake at 3am this morning and came downstairs instead. I have been like this since Wednesday last week, managing about 4-5 hours sleep per day.
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