Saturday, March 08, 2008


M-I-L went into hospital for a day-surgery operation under general anaesthetic last week. She had been seen by the pre-op team the week before, she was in a gown, the gurney was ready to take her to theatre.
She was examined again, then told the operation was cancelled because she has an irregular heartbeat, and sent home in a taxi.


If she had a medical problem with her heart severe enough to warrant cancelling her operation, why was she not seen and examined and treated - or at least properly explained to - by one of the cardiologists ?

Needless to say, I contacted our fantastic family doctor, who saw her the very next office session and thoroughly examined her, spending a considerable length of time with her and us. No irregular heartbeat was found, and he says he will phone the Consultant himself to find out what on earth was going on.

He did find her blood pressure was significantly elevated, which the hospital didn't find she has medication for that.

Our local hospital does not inspire me with any confidence, I have to say.
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Philippa said...

A taxi! Lord have mercy! Thanks be to God nothing was seriously wrong. What if she had a heart attack on the way home from the irregular heart beat?! Then what??

No kidding her blood pressure was high. Probably because she was so angry about the way the hospital handled her! Geesh!

Anonymous said...

Prayer for MIL.

The UK heath system needs to get it together. Sad to say, but the way things are going NHS may be a thing of the past in the next five to six years.

The health system here in the states is not much better at times.

I live in the states but listen to BBC Radio Four and Five Live quite often.

Lord have mercy!