Sunday, March 02, 2008

Catching My Breath

Another non-stop few days !

On Friday the DH and I took our respective mothers out for a collective slightly early Mothers' Day lunch at a rather nice hotel restaurant.
The food was wondrous, and I did goggle at the luscious meat dishes but stayed resolute and had the vegetarian mushroom and leek tagliatelle in cream sauce. Ironically, the meat dish was cheaper.............

A leisurely lunch , and then a quiet hour before the small ones were picked up from school. For some reason they are both manic and exhausted when they get back from school on Friday. I was glad when bedtime came :-)

Saturday morning, DD4 decided she did want to enter the school competition for designing a leek or a daffodil made out of recycled materials. So DH and I slogged over helping her to create a rather nice daffodil. So we did sort of celebrate St David's Day appropriately. The school is holding its St David's Day celebrations on Wednesday next week, for some reason, BTW.

The dog was duly walked, the house cleaned, and then DD2 and boyfriend arrived, shortly followed by DD1 and her fiance. Everyone wanted different things to eat, so by the time all the horde had been fed, the dishes done,my washing brought in from the line and sundry other household tasks done, the afternoon had vanished. We laughed all afternoon, and it is a delight to have my big ones home for a few hours ! They came bearing gifts and cards for Mothers Day, and I have been throughly spoilt.

This morning, only Helen and I are up so far. Helen devised a treasure hunt for my lovely card, which I have managed to complete with a little prompting from her when I wandered off the strict path of cluedom .... LOL. So now I am relaxing with a cup of tea and catching up with my blog :-)
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Mimi said...

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Philippa said...

Happy Mothering Sunday! YAY! What a nice day and the dish you had sounds delicious!

I am glad you enjoyed it!