Thursday, March 27, 2008

Annunciation Woes

I hope you all had a blessed Feast.

We did something so dumb that I am hesitant to write it even now.

Last week, DH decided to book the dog of doom in for his vaccinations, which are about due now. The appointment was duly made. I did not process the date, just the day of the week we needed to take him.......

I checked the Church service schedule a few days later, and found to our joint delight that there was an 8am Liturgy in the Chapel on the Feast. DH is on holiday this week, so we could all go. I alerted my beloved godmother, and we were all systems go. Till I realised that the date DH had booked the dog in for his shots was......9.30 am **on the Feast**.

And of course, because it was Weaster, the vet's was shut all over the weekend and Monday, so I couldn't call to cancel the appointment, and we could not hope to get back in time from Liturgy.
And Liturgy would be completely over and everyone gone home before we could get there, if we went after taking Basil to the vet.

I phoned Father , very shamefaced, and he understood.

I was mortified at my foolishness. And disappointed. And CROSS !

I wish I lived in an Orthodox country where Western Easter would not complicate my life so much :-)

The dog got his shots , BTW, and it cost us £60. Gulp.
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DebD said...

You were not alone. I had 2 back to back appointments on Tues. One is a standing appt. for my daughter's tutoring, which could easily be moved. The other was dental related and really could not be changed without much hassle and pain. Then, Sunday night, I realized that I had book club the night before during Vigil I missed both services. I was rather cross with myself too.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Now, now, not nearly as stupid as when Demetrios and I locked ourselves out of our house in Greece. Or went to a huge church on a crowded feast day and couldn't find each other afterward!

Things happen. We'll just rejoice if they take down our pride a notch.