Friday, February 01, 2008

What Snow ?

We rarely get snow here, living on the coast. We rarely even get a prediction of snow.

The weather forecast has all week predicted snow for our town today. Last night before going to bed, I double-checked the BBC website, which again assured me that there should be snow.

DD3 was up at some ungodly hour this morning to check for snow, and came disconsolately into my room to give the bad news that there was none.

Having taken the girls to school, come home, walked the dog, done housework, read blogs, cooked food... - there is still no snow.
And now the BBC weather site is confidently predicting sunny spells for our town.

I have only one question.....
who has stolen our snow ?

The kids will be so grumpy when they get home, if there is not a single flake of snow.
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1 comment:

Athanasia said...

It is all falling in China! Have you seen pictures? Unbelievable!