Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It has dawned upon me that I have been under a reasonably significant amount of stress recently. I knew I was buying rather a lot of chocolate, put it that way ;-)

Quite how much chocolate I had not calculated until this morning.
It has got to stop.
In the last two days, I am ashamed to say I have eaten 12 whole oz of Dairy Milk chocolate.

In some slight mitigation, it was on special offer in the supermarket and only cost just over £1 in money, but it is doing me no good at all, healthwise.

I will allow myself to finish the current bar , but come Monday next week, The Fast begins in earnest. Boy, do I need it ! It is truly frightening how easy it is to fall into some very bad habits.

Computer time is going to be reduced drastically. Reading the Gospels will be given priority instead.
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