Monday, February 04, 2008

Request for Maths Info

If any homeschooling readers could help, I would be grateful !

What specific Math books are you using to teach children age 6 - 9 years ?

As DH is a Maths graduate, he is as keen about the girls developing good Maths skills as I am about their English language skills :-)

Abby has brought home some really abstract Math homework, and if this is what is going to be used over a long period of time, I begin to have some doubts as to how much Math she actually will learn. Sigh.

All part of our wonderful Government's ideal of dumbing down the entire population of schoolchildren to the lowest common denominator, no doubt.

I prefer to be pre-armed, so to speak, and get some decent, proven Maths texts so we can augment - if necessary - what they are learning in school.
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Laura said...

We use Saxon Math--for the 5 year old we use Saxon One. For the six year old, we use Saxon 2. I was going to give you the web address but it is a million miles long! If you google Saxon Math, you'll find it. I have no idea if they will ship to the UK or not. I've purchased it before through Amazon as well as Veritas Press.

Here is a nice homeschool review site which reviews curricula. This could prove helpful for you:

Good luck!!

Liz in Seattle said...

Hi Elizabeth,

We're no longer HS-ing, but when we did, we used Singapore. I would love to replace our school district's crummy curriculum with Singapore, but alas... I have a friend who supplements public school math with Singapore.

The one thing to remember is that if Singapore is your spine, you may want to purchase a Singapore supplementary text. Most kids in Singapore attend supplementary school, and use one of these books.

Liz in Seattle said...

ROTFL! I just re-read my post. How many times can I use the word "Singapore" in two paragraphs?!?

I really should read your blog more...I've always so enjoyed it :-)

Matt said...

Mine is five. Can't help you.

Lis, that makes me thirst for a singapore sling. I'd better get one in before the start of OthoLent.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Hello Elizabeth, I homeschool my 10 yr old son in Shropshire. I found an excellent, and (even more importantly!) free, resource on the web, that has been developed from a Hungarian course, by the University of Plymouth. It is intended for use in primary schools, and has all the teacher's lesson plans, as well as workbooks, which can be downloaded in adobe. There is a password to access one or two of the workbooks, which is usually given on applying via email (or I could let you have it, if you were interested). It goes right through primary, and I think, on to secondary level. It is very rigorous, and my son's maths (a subject he's not too fond of, and one which I'm not brilliant at either) has come on a treat. There is a lot of work involved, which we can cope with as we homeschool, I'm not sure how you would fit it in as homework, but perhaps if your husband had a look at it, he could see what was needed - I'm sure it could be used to supplement school work, if you know what you're doing!
This is the web address -

God Bless.