Monday, February 04, 2008


I only intend to highlight particular passages which are used in worship ie the Magnificat, Benedictus and Nunc Dimittis , as well as some specific passages which may occur as Readings in various Hours :-)
It will not end up a multi-colour NT, I promise !

Sol, what sort of highlighting markers are suitable for the the really thin paper in Bibles ? Are they easily available in Britain ?

Today, I have finally got round to doing something I have meant to do for a long time. Procrastination is not normally one of my vices, though God knows I have very many! Yet, I have put off this one particular task.......and now that I have done it, I feel as if I am the biggest criminal unhung.

What heinous crime have I committed ?

I have defaced the Bible.

Well, not really, but that is truly how I feel.

All I have actually done is made a decision that rather than carrying my main Bible or Prayer book around with me (and risk it getting soaked in my bag when I am out and about), I have marked off the Stasis of each Kathisma with underlinings in my tiny spare New Testament and Psalms, so I can carry this eminently portable tiny book even in my pocket.

I am hoping that in doing this, I will have opportunity to do something constructive with spare moments. Whilst at the dentist last week, they were running about ten minutes late. Rather than re-reading trashy magazines, I chose to sit quietly. If this type of opportunity presents itself again in future, I will have the luxury of a choice between the Jesus prayer and silently reciting Psalms plus those parts of the Hours which I do have memorised.

In my long ago Anglican days, we were taught to treat the Bible with the utmost respect; at Mass on Sundays, the Gospel book was carried in solemn procession before being proclaimed. This reverence has carried on in my Orthodox life, seeing the Book of the Gospels treated with such utter respect and love. Each time I read from the Bible, I kiss it.

I was interested to read about the Jewish custom that if a book of the Scriptures or a prayer book should ever be accidentally dropped or fall to the ground, it is picked up reverently and kissed. This is something I have always done, with no knowledge of the Jewish custom and certainly no Jewish background :-)

Yet although what I have done to my New Testament was done with reverence and for a good purpose in order for me to use the Scriptures on a more frequent basis to draw closer to God, I continue to feel slightly guilty.

Go figure !

I am trying to work up to using highlighter pens on significant passages in the Gospels next, LOL.
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Solomon said...

In my Charismatic days, we were encouraged to underline and highlight in our Bible. In fact, I used to work in Christian bookstores that carried Bible highlighters in stock (with ink that would not run through onion paper).

It took me a few years to realise that the things I underlined, because of my own reading or because I was being encouraged to do it during the course of hearing a sermon, were putting a spin on the Scriptures that I might not have later. I was, in effect, making editorial comments.

I think this is much different from marking off the Stases of Kathismas in a spare NT&Ps. to achieve a particular devotional end.