Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I was awkened at some unpleasant hour (ie before it is starting to get light!) by DD3 asking if we could have pancakes for breakfast.

We had pancakes for breakfast yesterday, as it was Western Shrove Tuesday.
No problem.
We had pancakes for dessert at tea yesterday, by special request.
No problem.

Pancakes for breakfast today was out of the question as I needed the eggs and milk to make chocolate-mint cookies I promised the ladies on my Family Literacy Course that I would make and take in for Thursday, especially as it is the Course Tutor's birthday. The local shop doesn't open early enough for me to get more eggs and milk, make pancakes and get them to school on time.

They sadly settled for toast and cereal. I refrained from commenting that if it was Shrove Tuesday yesterday, most Western Christians start Lent in earnest today, and those folk wouldn't be getting their pancakes again till after Weaster :-)
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Matt said...

Chocolate mint cookies sound very good. could you, please, post the recipe?

Mimi said...

Oh, they do sound good.