Saturday, February 16, 2008


The weather has changed; it is absolutely perishing cold here. Lovely sunny day, but COLD.
When I walked Basil this morning, I wore jogging pants, t shirt, thick jumper, thick woolllen cardigan, fleece coat, hat and gloves, and it was still cold. It really feels like winter now !

Yesterday we went to the Big City with the small ones, and took them to the museum. A lot of the galleries are currently closed for refurbishment, especially the impressionist art, but they will be back open in March. In the meantime, we had loads of fun in the Natural History section and the history of Wales section.

My street cred with the children has risen a lot, as I was able to identify over 90% of the bird species without needing to use the identification key :-)

Today we went to the cinema to see The Bee Movie. The girls and I loved it, but DH felt the film was overlong at 90 minutes. It was an enjoyable visit, nevertheless.
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Mimi said...

Awesome! I'd like to learn more about birds too.

mamajuliana said...

How cold is 'cold' in the UK? I guess I didn't pay enough attention in geography-but I thought that the weather was mild-not very cold winters. Excuse the 'geographical and meteorological' ignorance. I Enjoy your blog!

Solomon said...

It was -5C (23F) here this morning. It's not the mind-numbing cold of the Midwest US, but given the relative mildness of most of the winter, its enough to shock the system a bit.