Monday, February 04, 2008

Bargain Hunting


Anastasia, we call them "trainers", in America I believe they are called "sneakers". The children wear them for PE lessons....


DD3 & 4 both needed new school shoes. Both of them are "hard" on their shoes, and if a pair of shoes lasts 3 months, they are doing **really** well.

Truth to tell, they each only have one pair of shoes plus one pair of trainers; yes, money is that tight at the moment !

We went yesterday to the local designer outlet mall, which sells a major chain of shoeshops' ranges at discounted prices. There was nothing suitable for either child, much to our disappointment, so after school today, we walked to town to visit our local shop.

Abby now has a new pair of shoes at full price, and they have ordered trainers for her in her size which should arrive on Thursday.
Helen was lucky; they had a pair of great sensible school shoes - which she really liked! - in the sale for £5 instead of £28 :-) So Helen also ended up with new, full-priced trainers which she fancied. Total cost today was £54 instead of £84. I still have to rustle up another £24 by Thursday for Abby's trainers, but we did get bargains nevertheless.

I would love for them to each have a pair of shoes for "best"/weekend wear as well, but that will have to wait.
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Mimi said...


My youngest is hard on shoes too.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Best of luck on continuing to find the right shoes.

What are "trainers"? We don't use that term in the U.S. unless perhaps we are speaking of baby shoes.