Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making Paper Bricks

We decided to recycle our newspapers and generate heat at the same time :-)
First crumple a sheet of newspaper and soak it in water, then pack it firmly into the briquette maker mould.Repeat until the mould is full.
Next, place the draining weight on top and engage the handles. Several compressions later, the water has been squeezed out and the brick can be removed from the mould and left to dry thoroughly before it can be consumed in our wood-burning stove and make our log supply go further !

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Laura said...

wow!! That's pretty neat!!

DebD said...

what a great idea.

Philippa said...

This is a very nice idea!

I've also heard of the idea of rolling newspapers together, soaking them in water. Wrap them with a rubber band, then let them dry. Once dried they can be used as "logs" and are supposed to burn for a long time.

Solomon said...

That's a brilliant idea.

Don said...

Can the same be done with traditional fruit cakes?

Only kidding. Love the idea!