Monday, December 31, 2007


No, not the program !

I do not currently have a knitting project. I knitted three scarves just before Christmas, and whilst I have wool to make more, I don't actually want to knit any more of them at the moment.

I do feel lost without having any knitting on hand.

I am quite tempted to make myself a prayer shawl, especially as the icon corner is in a room which is not heated for the vast majority of the time..........the extra warmth will be nice.
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Laura said...

I've crocheted a couple of prayer shawls for friends...they are a very, very nice thing to have (or so I'm told). I'm gearing up to make a baby blanket for my soon to be born niece.

Meg said...

Can I send you my knitting?? I don't understand it, but ever since my daughter moved out -- 8 years ago, now -- I've just lost all interest. I did nothing but knit for 30 years, but since she's gone, I only want to do my cross stitch. Meanwhile, ds has been begging for hand-knitted socks, and dh's stash of sweaters is wearing out at an alarming rate -- they really need replacing. (I'm just kidding about sending it to you, but not about how distressingly unappetizing it has become.)

Mimi said...

That looks lovely! I think it sounds like a good project.

Don said...

I have no desire to knit. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year! May God bless you in 2008 and grant you many years.

FG said...

The prayer shawl sounds like a lovely idea. I've knit a couple of shawls, but they're very simple. I have the yarn and a pattern for a lacy Russian-style shawl because I took a class with Galina Khmeleva... which was kind of over my head. I'm still intimidated!

So I think I'll knit a cozy for my hot water bottle (my best friend at night in winter!).