Sunday, December 30, 2007


I wanted to post this picture as a sign of hope for the New Year.

A young Russian couple, Dimitri and Varvara Artamkin, lost their first baby and had fertility treatment, which resulted in a quintuplet pregnancy. In Russia they were strongly advised to undergo fetal reduction and abort several of the babies. As devout Russian Orthodox Christians, they refused. Varavara's father is an Orthodox priest.
A businessman friend of the family offered to pay for them to go to the UK for specialist care, and the babies - all girls- were born 14 weeks prematurely. They are doing well, and two of them are well enough to be able to be held by their parents. The Russian friend is underwriting all their medical expenses (which will be very considerable) and the parents' living expenses, so there is no burden on the UK government. Despite this, a number of people have commented on the story complaining about these "foreigners" being a drain on the British people. I am concerned that some people in Britain are obviously incapable of reading a story and understanding that in this case there is **no cost** involved to the British public.........

Personally, I find it utterly heartwarming that this young couple placed their trust in God and tried to give all their babies a chance at life. God grant them all Many Years !!!!

Full story - and more photos - here. I would not bother reading the comments :-)
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Philippa said...

They are more precious than words can say. Look at the smiles on their little tiny faces.

May God grant them many many blessed and healthy years!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, many blessed and healthy years! And congratulations to the faithful parents.


DebD said...

They are so precious! What an adorable picture.