Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St Nicholas' Day !

I know this is only just clocking in on St Nicholas' Day, but the wish for you all to have/have had a happy and blessed day is sincere.

I'm just logging in briefly as I have DH home ill with flu, and my mother has been stricken with an horrific attack of gout to add to her many other joint problems,and she cannot walk.
We are waiting on the results of blood tests, to see what medication she can have which will not interact with her many other necessary medications, so I have been with her all day to make sure she has eaten and been cared for..
Prayers would be much appreciated ! DoomHamster has a dental abscess and has had an unpleasant session at the dentist's too........

Tomorrow is the school's Christmas Fayre and I am muchly involved with that too, so tomorrow is likely to be bedlam, LOL.
See you soon.
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Mimi said...

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Enjoy the fair tomorrow!

kostas said...

We celebrate the naval saint,Saint Nikolaos is dedicated to people who work in ships.

Solomon said...

Happy Feast!

Wuttisak said...

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The Traditional Frog said...

A Blessed St Nicholas day, Elizabeth to you and yours!

My the prayers of Holy Hierarch Nicholas quickly obtain relief and healing to all in your family who are ailing!