Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Aieeeeee !!!

If you hear a stressed screaming noise in the distance, it is probably me.

1/ DH has had flu and been virtually bedbound for 6 days. Not to mention the disturbed nights shared by the whole family as a result of the coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing etc. He really has been very poorly. Mercifully he is on the mend today.

2/ DD4 woke up late Sunday night with a temperature so high you could practically fry eggs on her back. She had caught daddy's flu. She is now much better today and will hopefully be returning to the haunts of academe on Thursday.

3/ DD3 woke up today feeling ill. Luckily not with flu, and was well enough to come out with me when I took crazy dog for a short walk at teatime.

4/ Letter from school to say that DD4 needs an angel costume for the Christmas concert next week. And it needs to be handed in at school by Thursday. Yesterday I tried on her two old costumes; neither of them fit her. So that meant a half-hour walk to town today to search for one. I did find one, age 5-8.
Got it home and it is too long. So I spent a fair while tacking it up.

5/ DD4 brought her beloved "Kipper the dog" soft toy downstairs and left it unattended on the settee, despite me warning her not to put it down **anywhere**. Needless to say, Basil found it and chewed one ear off completely. The sobs were heart-rending, so whilst in town, I went to the craft shop and bought brown felt so I can make Kipper another ear.

6/ Dear Mother is now mercifully recovering from her gout, even though she is now on so much medication she rattles when she walks.
Yesterday she ventured out to town for the first time in ten days. At the supermarket, whilst she was waiting in line at the checkout, some bozo of an employee overstacked the baskets she was collecting from the checkout and they fell and collapsed against my mother's leg. Mum bled all over the place from the cut, and has now got some truly spectacular bruising. Not to mention the fact that it has really shaken her confidence about going out with help, and she has always been so fiercely independent. Ho hum.

On the good side - we completed all our Christmas shopping except for one person's gift and some stocking fillers for the young ones. Yippee !

Thank heavens for online shopping - with husband and children ill, there is no way I could have physically gone shopping !
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Ian said...

On-line shopping is wondrous.

Prayers and more prayers for you and your family ascending from Down Under.

Philippa said...

My goodness Elizabeth, you sound like you are running a hospital! Perhaps we should now address you as "Nurse Elizabeth"?

I dearly hope all are on the mend right quick!