Thursday, November 29, 2007

Return Of The Monsters

In our case, namely the Tonsillitis Monster and the Sock Monster.

Poor Helen has been stricken down with strep throat again, so is right back on antibiotics. She has been quite poorly today, bless her.
Abby is down with a streaming cold and chesty cough, so she is also home from school.

The Sock Monster has been at my socks; in four consecutive days, I have developed holes in one of each of the four pairs of socks I have worn, for no apparent reason and all of the pairs of socks were fine when I first put them on. Four days in a row !
That is bizarre...........
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

So sorry about Helen and Abby. May it pass, soon!

Are your socks' holes all in the same place? If so, perhaps the sock monster resides in your shoe?

Our sock monster just steals socks, one per pair, leaving us the quite useless other one.


Laura said...

I'm sorry the wee ones are feeling poorly.

We use our unmatched socks for cleaning...

Elizabeth said...

Laura, what a good idea !

Anastasia, the holes have been in a different place each time, and I also tried wearing different shoes but to no avail. It remains a mystery !

Mimi said...

Oh poor girls. May they get well soon.

And, that is bizarre about the socks.

Philippa said...

Yuck, Yuck, and triple yuck.

Strep throat was a constant in our house with our son until I finally did the toothbrush toss. On the third day of antibiotics, throw out the toothbrush and replace with a new one. After one week on the antibiotic, throw out the replacement toothbrush and replace with new. At the end of the course of antibiotics, throw out the third toothbrush and replace with a new one.

That's the ONLY thing that worked to get rid of the strep for Ian.

As for the holely socks...I've the same exact problem! Wassup with that?! LOL!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, Laura, that's a very good idea. I'm picturing wearing them on my hand, like a glove, and cleaning the crystals of a chandelier that way, with fingers.

As a wilflife rehabilitator, I actually use single socks as "heating pads" for orphaned baby creatures. You fill the sock halfway or a third of the way with uncooked rice and put it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Wrap it in enough layers of rags so it gives out only a VERY gentle warmth, such as a mother animal might provide, and put it on one side of the box where you have your little bunnies or birds (so they can snuggle up or move away, as may be necessary). This way, you keep the wee ones safe for half an hour or so, until you can get to your electric heating pad.

It works on cold hands and feet, too! Microwave them a bit longer. I put some in my coat pocket sometimes when walking on a winter evening. Dry beans can be substituted for rice.