Monday, November 26, 2007


My husband driving us to Church and waiting patiently for us.

Church running slightly late, so I was able to show DD3 just what Father does at the Proskemidia.

Having the chance to show DD3 properly some of the many icons in Church, and tell her about them. I didn't realise she didn't know about the Raising of Lazarus... she does now :-)

Finding out that my six year old DD4 actually knows at least 75% of the congregational part of the Liturgy off by heart. Gulp. And that she stayed in Liturgy for 95% of the time without a murmur.

And most of all, for the joy of being able to receive the Holy Mysteries with my youngsters and my church family. If only my husband was by my side, my joy would be complete.......
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DebD said...

what lovely things to be thankful for. I wonder if my own youngest knows some of stories behind the icons. I guess I shouldn't take it for granted that they do!

Meg said...

I am *so very happy* for you, that you got to church and got to receive Communion -- and how about that little DD4!! Good for her! As for dh -- keep praying, he'll get there in God's time. I know someone who maintains that if God calls one spouse to Orthodoxy, He's actually calling both -- but the other doesn't always choose to respond positively. But God is both patient and persistent, so the spouse finds eventually that "resistance is futile" (hat off to Patrick Stewart!).

Mimi said...

Amen! And, I totally understand.