Thursday, October 25, 2007


DH and I were on our way home after walking the dog.

We came back through the village, and just ahead of us, I saw a very little girl trip up and land heavily and painfully full length, face down on the paving slabs. The lady who was with her just picked her up, grabbed her hand and carried on walking with her.
This little mite, who was only about 18 months old, was sobbing her heart out and obviously needed someone to dust her down, give her a big hug, look at where she hurt and kiss it better. The person she was with, presumably her mother, just carried on walking with the little girl crying all the way down the street.

I know I should not be judgmental, but I was in tears myself. I am not ever going to be a candidate for the World's Best Mother, but I could not have done that to one of my children when they were that age.
They would have been hugged, kissed, and if necessary, carried for a short while till they felt better. Each step that little girl took would have been causing her pain at that point, having hurt her knees.

I cam home feeling really sad.
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Mary Poppins NOT said...

My guess would be the lady was a baby sitter. Your compassionate concern wasn't wasted, I am sure, in God's economy.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Well, that IS sad. One can be sad without it necessarily being judgmental.


Philippa said...

I can't bear seeing this kind of stuff. It breaks my heart. These little poppets being treated like a piece of nothing.