Monday, October 22, 2007


Apologies for the delay in posting; I plead post-birthday party recovery :-)

Abby's party went extremely well.
We had 24 children and 22 accompanying parents going to the pool in total. We did fill the shallow end completely , LOL.

They had double-booked us, but we were willing to be flexible about going in the pool earlier than planned and the staff made every effort to make Abby's party fun for her. After swimming, the children had ameal in a themed seating area, then into the huge run around/soft play area. We finally got home at 7.30pm and boy, I was ready for bed at that point.

This week is the school's Harvest Festival.
While I applaud the sentiments of encouraging food donations to be FairTrade items, I found it rather sad that fresh fruit and vegetables were forbidden. The elderly folk in the area who will be the beneficiaries of the school's food donations are a traditional bunch who like having fresh fruit and vegetables with which to prepare their own meals.

I don't think having a packet of Fairtrade cookies or sugar is quite the same as having a nice armful of "real food"...............imagine being ill in hospital and someone bringing you a bag of sugar instead of a nice bunch of grapes :-)
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DebD said...

24 children!!?? Gracious that is a lot of kids. I think I've overdone it if I invite 10. LOL I can see why you were so tired.