Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Ikon In The Home

For a glorious article about the role and place of icons in the home in pre-revolutionary Russia, go here.

What a delightful read !
I must keep my eyes open for the book; I already have a copy of his "With the Russian pilgrims to Jerusalem" :-)
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That is really interesting.

DebD said...

that was very good. I noticed that the original author is Stephen Graham. IIRC, there is a book written about him.

Anonymous said...


You can read the entire book here:


This on a website from Russia!

Just copy and paste the URL in to your browser.

The Traditional Frog

layne (herman) said...

I thot you might find it amusing to learn that my wife was first exposed to the book "With the Russian pilgrims to Jerusalem" when it was being read during trapeza at St. Xenia Skete in Wildwood, CA.

She went online and found a copy of the book for herself... inspired by the book she purchased a death-shroud (because the pilgrims took a shroud with them to Jerusalem.)