Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hard Of Hearing

DH has been complaining recently that he has developed impaired hearing in one ear.
He is right; he has the TV at blasting level, even for me, and I am a bit deaf :-)

He trotted off to the doctor's this morning, wherupon the doctor checked his ears witha n otoscope and told him he had earwax impaction, and would need to use drops three times a day to soften the wax, then have the ear syringed at the nurse's clinic next week.

He then went to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. When he got home, we literally howled with laughter. I thought he would have been prescribed medication to loosen and partially liquify the wax, as is done by many docs. What he was prescribed was......


He came home with a 75ml bottle of Olive Oil !!!!!

Up until last year, he would have had to pay in excess of £6 to have this prescription filled. Luckily, prescriptions in Wales are now free, subsidised by the Welsh Assembly.

I would have been cross at having to pay over £6 for a tiny bottle of Olive Oil.
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1 comment:

Philippa said...

Olive oil? That's interesting! I'm glad you didn't need to pay for it either!

I've heard that vinegar is good for ear infections.