Monday, October 01, 2007

DoomHamster Has Left The Building

My precious eldest , the irrepressible and talented DoomHamster, has now moved out of the family home into her own flat a stone's throw away from where she works.

It is an ideal spot for her, and her flat is lovely. She has been very lucky and has been donated a three piece suite, dining table and chairs, cooker, fridge, freezer and bed from various members of the family, so she has had to buy very little.

It is all taking shape very nicely, and DH will be building flatpack bookcases and minor furniture for her next weekend.
She has her icons safe, and is looking for a suitable piece of furniture on which to place them.

Asking the prayers of her heavenly patron, St Tatiana the Martyr of Rome, for her !
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1 comment:

Meg said...

Oh, dear, my condolences, Mum! When our daughter left home as a married woman, we had to keep her bedroom door closed for two weeks so we could pretend she was "studying." It was like losing four kids as once.