Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Despite Abby's delight in her new bedroom, it is a long way down the corridor from where she used to sleep, and from us. Most nights, although she plays with relish in her room, at bedtime she asks to trot to her sister Helen's room and sleep on the fold-down guest bed there so she has company.

At first I thought Helen might resent the invasion of her space and privacy now she is 9, but to my delight she was thrilled that her little sister wanted to share her room to sleep, and happily reads her bedtime stories after I have done the requested story for that night :-)

So tonight, I supervised teeth-cleaning , made them hot water bottles, helped them kiss their icons, tucked them into bed, said their prayers with them and kissed and blessed them.

Now I have the time to do last-minute preparations for Abby's 6th birthday tomorrow. DH won't be back from working away till Abby's bedtime, but we have ordered a cake, which I will pick up from the baker's tomorrow. DD1 and 2 will be visiting after work tomorrow , as will my mum, to give Abby her presents.

It will be fairly busy, and on Thursday after school will be her swimming party !

My heart is full to overflowing with joy, for I have been so richly blessed in my family.

God grant you Many Years, my precious youngest child !
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Dave said...

May God grant many years to His handmaiden Abigail!

Ian said...

Many, many years!